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Huynh B.-L., Dahlquist-Willard R.M., Ploeg A.T., Yang M., Thaoxaochay L., Kanter J., Brar S., Paz J., Qaderi S., Singh H., Duong T., Dinh H., Kang H.P., Matthews W.C., De Souza A., Bhatia A., Ke H., Ehlers J.D., Roberts P.A. (2024) Registration of four pest-resistant long bean germplasm lines. Journal of Plant Registrations. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/plr2.20361

Pest-resistant long bean lines

Figure 1. Pod samples of aphid-resistant vine-type long bean lines (A) Dark Green 1994, (B) Light Green 2055, (C) Purple 2056, and (D) nematode-resistant bush-type line Bush 2074, and (E) a field trial in Thermal, CA in 2022 demonstrating the determinate, erect growth habit of bush-type long bean plants.

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